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‘Water’, ‘Warmth’ and ‘Warning’ (2022)

for At Peace II - Curated by Jade Foster

Plaster on Wood with Steel Support, Dimensions Vary

Three new sculptural works, heraldic signage made from street detritus. In the group exhibition ‘At Peace II’ - featuring contributions from Phoebe Collings-James & SERAFINE1369, Jade Foster, Dalaeja Foreman, Ryan Heath, Nadia Huggins, Ada M. Patterson and Thomas Wynne.

Following the exhibition At Peace which took place in 2021, Part II explores the fictitious collapsing of sections of the art world alongside ecological and cultural landscapes as the contributors know them to be now. An (art)world which is/was rooted in harm, disadvantageous categorisations, and exploitation. During the rebirth of a new art world, new habitats were created, which involved clusters of cultural workers surviving after the collapse. 


At Peace II is one of these habitats, with installations consisting of painting, photography, sound, video, and sculpture related to essential components for fuelling the body: Air, water, food, shelter (warmth), self-defence, sleep, and equity. To address different ways for human and artistic survival, we have combined discourse, archives, and artworks in the gallery and online. Collectively, these contributions explore broader themes of intimacy, transnationalism, land, and place.


Herald, 2021

Salvaged street sign, asphalt and coloured plaster


Metaball, 2021

Spray paint and jesmonite on board, 30 x 30 cm


Hardscape, 2021

Recycled polyethylene plastic & rubber.

Ryan Heath Artist Painting Painter

No Throughfare, 2018

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Gesso & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame



Acrylic Paint on MDF with Steel Frame & Security Spikes, 1050 x 2050

This piece was originally commissioned by BACKLIT Gallery as part of their Mountain of Tongues exhibition, celebrating the complexity of distinct languages.


This freestanding painting explores a series of forms, materials and subject together on one surface area, as a way to depict marks collected and interpreted from unassuming places within the Sneinton area of Nottingham. Notions of forgotten or defunct signage exist in the work as we are presented with a visual language that gives an oblique reference to the physical footprint of a place as it rests playful within the surrounding architecture.


It has since toured as part of the UKYA Nottingham City Takeover Festival and GRAFT - a group show at the Harris Museum in Preston.

This Way, That Way, 2018


A collaboration with BACKLIT Gallery and CVAN (Creative Visual Arts Network) on their project 'In Another Place'.

In Another Place  is a celebration of contemporary art produced and presented by venues in the East Midlands.

10 regional organisations invited visual artists to present original artworks on advertising billboards in a range of locations for 6 weeks. Transforming these everyday hoardings into a vibrant display across the region, In Another Place aims to bring art to audiences, in places where normally they would see advertising.

Ryan Heath Artist Painting Painter

Core Four (2017)

Spray Paint & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame


Enter, 2017

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Gesso & Plaster on Board with Frame & Sandbags

Scrawl Segment (2017)

Spray Paint & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame

Ryan Heath Artist Painting Painter

Translated (2017)

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Laser-Cut Stencil Gesso & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame

Ryan Heath Artist Painting Painter

Ask The Panel (2017)

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Ply & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame

Ryan Heath Artist Painting Painter

5 Alive (2017)

Spray Paint & Plaster on Board with Steel Frame

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