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Ryan Heath is an artist and facilitator based in Nottingham, creating moving image, painting and sculpture. His work explores the history and future of specific spaces, framing new possibilities for them. He is both a BACKLIT and Near Now studio artist and a former member of Chaos Magic. 

He has exhibited in the UK and internationally, receiving commissions and awards from established organisations, including The LEVEL Centre, UK New Artists, and Ignite Futures. He has also given guest lectures and panel discussions at leading universities and institutions. As part of his practice, Ryan delivers creative workshops for young people. Previous partners include Nottingham Refugee Forum, Harris Museum and Tate Modern.

As of late, Ryan has been intrigued by the ongoing regeneration of Broadmarsh Shopping Centre and Nottingham's City of Caves beneath it. He has moved from object-making to various forms of writing in preparation for future work.





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